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***CO2 Update***

Dioxice is the name we use at Clean Surface for the dry ice pellets we produce at our plant in Leicester.

To make dry ice we use food grade liquid CO2, which is processed into dry ice snow and then pushed through a die to make hard dense strands of solid CO2 that break up into random length dry ice pellets on exiting the pelletizing machine.

We make Dioxice as 3 and 16mm diameter dry ice pellets which we pack ready for same day despatch in either one way thick walled Polystyrene boxes or well insulated returnable containers. You can order as little as 7 to 30 kg in boxes, or up to 350 kg per container.

Our Customers use our dry ice pellets for a wide range of applications related to the food, medical, transport and engineering industries as well as for producing a safe smoke or fog effect for entertainment purposes.

We also use Dioxice at Clean Surface to provide dry ice supplies to our customers who rent, or have purchased, our dry ice blast cleaning equipment.

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