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7kg 16mm Dry Ice Pellets

7kg 16mm Dry Ice Pellets

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7kg 16mm Dry Ice Pellets
Shelf Life for Small Quantities of Dry Ice Pellets
Dry ice pellets come out of the production machine at -78.6 degrees C, so when they are fed into the insulated boxes we use for packing and despatch, the first thing to happen is that some of the ice will be used up to cool down the box. When the box is cold inside, but still at room temperature outside, heat will flow into the box and attempt to get the inside down to room temperature, so more ice will be used to absorb this heat. This process will continue until all the ice has been used up.
The time taken to use up all the dry ice by these processes will depend on:
- the insulating properties of the box material and its thickness
- the outside temperature
- the amount of ice in the box
To minimise losses we use a good quality thick walled Polybox which is chosen to balance cost against performance. We could use thicker walled boxes or ones made from better materials, but you would not like to pay for them.
Needless to say we cannot influence the outside temperature of the box during transit, and on occasions Couriers will leave vans in the sun in the summer and in sub zero conditions in winter.
The amount of ice in the box has an effect because small boxes have a higher ratio of box weight and surface area compared to the box contents. This means a greater percentage of a small amount of ice will be needed to cool the box than would be needed for a larger quantity of ice in a larger box, and there is relatively more surface area for heat transmission into the box.
All these factors explain why the shelf life of dry ice when kept in a closed insulated box varies considerably
Box sizes (external mm L x W X H)
7 and 10 kg 340 x 340 x 360
15 kg     450 x 450 x 380
20 to 30kg  500 x 560 x 420
Average Losses (standard UK weather, whatever that is!) assuming box remains closed, no ice is used and it is kept in a cool shady location. If the whole box can go in a freezer, these times will be extended.
Tiimes will be slightly longer for 16 mm pellets
kg D 1 D 2 & onwards /day
7 2 2 Ship Friday, probably gone by Monday night
10 2 1.5 Ship Friday, good for 5 kg Monday morning (better because more ice in same box)
15 2 1.5- Ship Friday, good for 10 kg Monday morning (better because full thick walled box)
20 2 1.5 Gives 14-15 kg on Monday
25 2 1.5   Gives 19 -20 kg on Monday
30 2 1.5 Gives 25 kg on Monday
Transport of:
Temperature controlled goods
Frozen food
Chilled food
Frozen biological samples
Chilled biological samples
Rapid chilling or freezing for:
food preparation e.g. making ice cream
cooling drinks
scientific experiments
laboratory use
breakdown of freezers and chillers
freeze drying
mechanical shrink fitting
Entertainment applications:
Smoke or fog effects:
on stage
in restaurants
at exhibitions
Also used at:
Children's parties
Education applications:
School and University experiments
Space experiments (Comet simulation)
Creation of CO2 atmosphere for:
Science experiments
Food preservation
Dry ice Blast Cleaning of:
General Industrial plant
Food processing and packaging plant
Robotic welding plant
Plastic moulding tools
Aluminium die casting tools
Electrical generating equipment
Aero engines and turbines
Printing machines
Heat exchangers

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