16mm Dry Ice Pellets
3mm Dry Ice Pellets
Dry Ice Boxes & Containers

Dry Ice in Containers

For dry ice blasting applications or the delivery of large amounts of dry ice pellets we ship them in insulated returnable containers with a standard pallet base.

We can supply in the following standard amounts:

350 kg 3 or 16 mm Pellets
325 kg 3 or 16 mm Pellets
300 kg 3 or 16 mm pellets
250 kg 3 or 16 mm Pellets
200 kg 3 or 16 mm Pellets
150 kg 3 or 16 mm Pellets
100 kg 3 or 16 mm Pellets

For prices and order placement please call us on 0116 224 0072. For next day delivery please ensure you call before 12.00 Midday.

Our prices include use of a returnable container, and transport to and from your site. There are no additional charges if the container return is delayed. Special rates can be offered for same day or timed deliveries, and regular deliveries from a standing order can also be made.

The containers are well insulated and a 300 kg container received on a Monday morning should provide 50 kg per day usage from Monday to Friday if kept in a cool location with the lid securely closed.

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