16mm Dry Ice Pellets
3mm Dry Ice Pellets
Dry Ice Boxes & Containers

Applications & Benefits

  • Flexible transportation of temperature controlled goods including chilled & frozen foods and medical samples without a temperature controlled vehicle.
  • Dry ice blast cleaning of food processing plants and machinery to food contact standards that is environmentally friendly as well as abrasive and media free.
  • Dry ice cleaning of a wide range of industrial equipment e.g. printing machines, mould tools, heat exchangers, etc. without needing to dismantle them.
  • Food processing & packaging enabling rapid chilling/freezing.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging for optimum product quality and safety.
  • Use in laboratories and education establishments as an experimental aid, including creation of cold environments.
  • Creating smoke effects for stage, screen and photography cost effectively and safely (Dioxice is non-flammable).
  • Shrink fitting of metal components rapidly and effectively.



Blast cleaning with dry ice is a very effective method of removing deposits from complex machinery. Above a bagging weighing machine from a food packaging plant before...


...and after.


Packaging frozen foods using 1 kg bags of 16 mm Dioxice.

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