16mm Dry Ice Pellets
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Dry Ice Boxes & Containers

How Does It Work

Dioxice dry ice comes in high density 3 mm and 16 mm pellets. At a temperature of -78.6°C the sublimating gas from the pellets gives around three times the cooling effect of water ice, making it a superior and longer lasting cooling agent.

By using the correct amount of Dioxice pellets it is possible to meet the stringent requirements of maintaining a specific maximum temperature within a package during its transport period. The precise amount required will depend on many factors, for example:

  • The insulating properties of the box
  • The mass of goods to be maintained at temperature
  • The starting temperature of the goods
  • The arrangement of the goods and Dioxice within the packaging
  • The climatic conditions during the transport period
  • The length of the transport period
  • The allowance made for possible delivery delays

We can give you guidance on these points if you call our Engineers on 0116 224 0072, but please remember we cannot possibly accurately assess your exact packaging specification over the phone, and so we will always recommend you make a realistic test to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition.

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