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DioXice Supplied in Insulated Boxes:

DioXice pellets are packed for overnight courier shipment in thick walled polystyrene boxes. The polyboxes can also be fitted into a white cardboard outer box to protect the polybox from getting dirty during transit and allow it to be re-used for the onward transport of temperature controlled goods.

The dimensions of the available boxes in mm are:

Contents (kg) Length Width Height Length Width Height
  Inside Outside with outer box
Up to 10 250 250 230 345 345 365
Up to 15 320 320 240 455                            455                             385
15 to 30  390 440 280 505 565 425


  • Polyboxes with or without cardboard outers may also be purchased empty.
  • These box sizes are used in multiples for all internet orders placed up to a total of 100 kg DioXice pellets. Above 100 kg it is usually more cost effective to ship in returnable palletised containers. Please call us to discuss your large volume requirements on 0116 224 0072.
  • Unless otherwise specified the DioXice pellets are bagged within the polyboxes in 7 to 15 kg lots.
  • DioXice pellets can also be bagged in specific 1 kg bags marked with safety handling advice against special order.
  • Please do not forget that dry ice sublimes even when protected by insulated boxes, so the amount received is always less than the amount ordered. The losses vary according to the thermal properties of the packaging, the ambient temperature conditions during transit and the transit time.
  • Losses on 10 kg over the first 24 hours are about 20%, but as most of the initial losses are used up to cool the packaging down to an equilibrium state, the rate of loss in the next 24 hours will be lower.
  • It is also true that larger packages have a lower rate of sublimation as the initial losses to cool down the box will be a smaller percentage of the bigger mass contained in the larger package. However, prediction of sublimation losses is not a precise science and it must be accepted that any figures given are approximations and will not always be realised in practice or be repeatable.
  • All packaging is non returnable and should be re-used where possible and re-cycled at the end of its useful life.
  • Orders for Dioxice supplied in insulated boxes must be placed by 12 Noon for delivery next working day. Next working day includes despatch on Friday for delivery on Monday.
  • Please note the transport losses will be considerably higher on orders shipped on Friday for delivery on Monday, especially in the summer months as we have no control over the temperature conditions at courier's storage locations over the weekend. We advise increasing the order quantity to account for additional losses. This will be more economic than selecting a Saturday delivery.
  • All deliveries of Dioxice in insulated boxes are subject to the Terms and Conditions and our Returns and Refunds Policy shown on this website.

Dioxice Supplied in Insulated Containers

Dioxice can be supplied in returnable insulated containers by road transport to your site. You will need a lifting device to offload the container (see gross weights below). All containers have a standard pallet base and can be easily handled with a forklift.

Our standard shipping specifications include:

    100 kg 3 mm pellets            Approx. gross weight 130 kg
    150 kg 3 mm pellets            Approx. gross weight 180 kg
    200 kg 3 mm pellets            Approx. gross weight 260 kg
    250 kg 3 mm pellets            Approx. gross weight 310 kg
    300 kg 3 mm pellets            Approx. gross weight 360 kg
    325 kg 3 mm pellets            Approx. gross weight 385 kg
    350 kg 3 mm pellets            Approx. gross weight 410 kg

  • Please call 0116 224 0072 and provide the delivery post code for pricing information and order placement.
  • Orders for Dioxice supplied in containers must be placed by 12.00 AM for delivery next working day. Please note the transport sublimation losses will be higher on orders placed for shipment on Friday for delivery on Monday especially in the summer months.
  • Please note that all orders for Dioxice pellets only become valid once we have confirmed our ability to meet your request. Dry ice can only be produced to order and manufacturing equipment has a set rate of production. It is our policy to execute orders in the order in which we receive them. Forward orders may be placed in advance to secure deliveries.

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